Share the magic. Wear the magic. Believe in the magic of life.
Hatched from an egg the color of brilliant sapphires, Magelica and her friends take children on a fantasy-filled adventure to the Isle of Dreams, where they discover the power of imagination, believing in yourself and that love is the key to being happy.
Created by Canadian Louise Courey Nadeau, Magelica’s Voyage is a new, fun and modern
fairy tale inviting young children and their parents into a magical world of whimsical characters who inspire our heroine to search for the mystery of her beginnings.
“ Magelica’s Voyage is deeply rooted in mythology, fairy tales and fantasy. She is cool without
trying to be! Magelica has a unique look and she is open to learning and adventure. Her
independent spirit will help young girls develop their curiosity and sense of adventure,” says
Louise Courey Nadeau.
Our heroine’s name, Magelica is a perfect combination of the words magic and angelic,
symbolizing the mystery surrounding her birth, her angelic face and her beautiful wings. She is a young fairy who wants to find her parents and learn where she came from. The only
hint that exists is a silver feather found beneath the broken eggshell from which she was
hatched. Magelica’s search for her past takes her to the Isle of Dreams where she is able to
bring happiness to the turtle that is weighed down with great sadness. There she meets Queen Raya who is grateful for Magelica’s kindness and tells her all about the mystery of the feather charms; a beautiful necklace that is positively energizing. Queen Raya explains how the feathers bring positive energy to the person who wears them.
As the first book of the Magelica’s Voyage trilogy, our heroine and her friends Odin the
Warblegrif, and her pet dragon Tris invite you to discover this new, beautifully illustrated book that’s destined for the libraries of children all over the world.
Take a moment to discover this new book with your children. As the beloved Queen Raya says, “ Believe in love and trust that you will find the answers you seek.”


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