Happiness is a choice! Just do it!


Make Your Life Magical…One Step at a Time!

It’s easy to be happy when life goes your way, when you feel special and loved. But, what about when things are tough? When hurt or sadness takes over and you feel like you have no control over what is happening to you? Is happiness a choice then? The answer is yes!


Give it a try! You’re worth it!

Here are 8 tips that actually work!aa

1. Read fairy tales!
Fairy tales, like Magelica’s Voyage are a fun, fearless, and fantastical way to discover and share the magic of life. As Albert Einstein said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”. Reading fairy tales encourages creative, independent thinkers. They also help us explore and discover new possibilities and new ways to look at life. You are never too young or too old to read fairy tales!

2. Focus mindfully on the positives!
Take the time to consciously think positive thoughts. The law of attraction says that positivity attracts positivity. Gratitude works much the same way. The more thankful you are, the more to be thankful for. And the happier you’ll be!

3. There is always, always something to be thankful for!
Consider the normal things that you take for granted. Think of silly things, daily things, funny sqaurethings, basic things, serious things, and everything that makes your life better, more convenient and more fulfilling. Think of all the things you’d miss, if you couldn’t have them or do them. Are you grateful for the sun shining, the garden getting the rain it needed, a delicious cup of coffee, the birds chirping, electricity, running water, or a million other things? Your list is surely endless! When you notice something, just say thank you!

4. Write it down!
From the moment you wake up, as you move through your day, look at life from your new perspective. And when the day is over, take a few moments to make a list of everything you were thankful for that day! Writing it down helps you be mindful!

5. Teach your children, that being thankful is fun!
Gratitude doesn’t always come as easy as complaining. If you make it a chore, or too serious, you’ll want to stop. When being thankful makes you smile or laugh, it’s much easier and way more fun to do! So, make it fun! Laugh every chance you get! Play games. For a new twist try I’m Thankful For. It’s like I Spy With My Little Eye …and each person adds something. It’s a great game while in the car or just hanging around.

6. Gratitude is contagious! Make it cool! Be a role model!
Be demonstrative about what makes you happy. Your own behavior and gestures show your kids that it’s fun and important to be grateful for big things and small ones. Get your kids, your family, and your friends to join you and share their thankful thoughts. Create a ripple of

7. Discover the good in any situation! paintThis one is often the hardest to adopt, so start slow. Over time, you will see how seemingly bad things are really good. Pay attention to what is happening around you. Look for the reasons, and the lessons. There’s always a positive lesson and a reason! There are no coincidences! And the glass is most definitely half full!

8. Make it a habit!
Make being thankful part of your daily routine, just like washing your face or brushing your teeth. By repetition over time, you create so many positive thoughts that it will no longer be something you do, but part of who you are. Take it one step at a time and see how good you feel!

Just do it!  Choose happiness!

When you start focusing on the things you are thankful for, more than anything else, you start to make your life magical!

Share the magic!
Louise xox



Do You Believe in Magic?

Louise Courey Nadeau

Louise Courey Nadeau

Make Your Life Magical…One Step at a Time!

Join me in my first blog post and give it a try!

My name is Louise. I am a mother of four, a wife, a fundraiser for children’s causes and author of a new kind of fairy tale to inspire girls to believe in themselves and in the magic of life.

Close your eyes and smile

More than 20 years ago, I created the tale of Magelica’s Voyage. It was finally published last year and my passion became a reality! The second fairy tale of the trilogy, the upcoming Magelica’s Voyage – The Rescue will launch later this year and I’m now writing the third book.

I try my best to lead the most positive life I can by putting a positive spin on just about everything. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I’ve made it a habit of mine and I’m not too bad at it!

In this blog, I’ll share some tips that I use everyday, to live and stay in the zone of positivity, love, and gratitude. These tools give me the power to make my life magical. The way I figure, if I can do it, you can too!

By changing the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. And you’ll discover, one step at a time, how to create your own magic. So how do you get yourself into a different zone? How do you change the way you look at things?

If you’re on the Internet, you’ve most likely read, liked or shared a message like the one below. It makes sense, right? But how do you actually talk about your joys? It’s human to talk about problems!

You get new habits!

It's all about joy

Talk about your joys

You do it by changing your focus and by changing the “zone” you live in. You break the habit and create a different set of life rules to guide you.

Create your own magic!

By repetition over time, you create new, positive thoughts and behaviors, until the new habit is something that you automatically do. It becomes part of who you are.

Together, let’s get there one step at a time.

As time goes on, the tips will get more challenging. But it will be fun. And don’t forget to share the magic with the special people in your life. It’s way more fun when they think like you!

Let’s begin!

Close your eyes and smile for 10 seconds.

Happy Thoughts

Sound simple? Maybe. But it works so well, the results will amaze you. Do it first thing in the morning when you wake up. And don’t say you don’t have time. We can all find 10 seconds in the morning to close our eyes and just smile.

If there are kids or others in your bed, invite them to join you. I know, the kids need to get to school, or your partner needs your advice on a business deal, or your friends are planning a birthday, or you need to get to work, or a million other things. But just take 10 seconds for you. Close your eyes. And smile!

Don’t think! Just let your own special memories surface by themselves. Hold on to your own image(s) and your own happy thoughts for 10 seconds and lock them in.

Do this every single morning and see how you feel by the end of the week. You just began a new habit!

Share the magic! Louise xox


Interview With Louise Courey: Changing the World One Girl At a Time

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to interview the creator of Magelicas Voyage, Louise Courey!

Magelicas Voyage is a fantastic fantasy filled with adventure, fun characters, and a truly inspiring message for young girls. Magelica is a young, bright, and curious girl, who does not know where she came from or who she really is. But when she is transported to the Isle of Dreams, she launches into an adventure of discovery and learns that wonderful things can happen when she uses her imagination, believes, opens her heart, and trusts in love.

Louise 2
Louise Courey

Sonia: Welcome Louise!

Louise: Hi Sonia ;)

Sonia: Louise, the world that you’ve created in Magelicas Voyage is imaginative, bright, and of course, magical. How did you first come up with the idea for this story? How did that idea evolve over time into what Magelicas Voyage is today?

Louise: Well Sonia, my background is in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and I am also a mother to four children, two girls and two boys.

When I started working on Magelica I was the Director of Marketing for Coty Cosmetics and felt there was a void in the marketplace in terms of  “good for you” bath products for young girls, as well as positive role models that I would like my daughters to relate to.

Magelica started as a new character and bath line for young girls. It was designed to appeal to children and parents alike, across all cultures, be eco friendly, and be brought to life through a bath inspired, fun and entertaining fairy tale. The objective was to establish Magelica as a modern yet traditional heroine with solid values.

Over time the story was edited, the illustrations were adapted to the digital world, and the “How to make your life magical” section was added. The life messages have taken on a larger role over time, but the goal remains to inspire children and their parents and teachers through fun, fantasy and entertainment.


Magelica is also very much about the power of the magical feathers and the energy that we can share through these special feathers. My hope is for people around the world to share the power of positive energy and to connect to each other through Magelica’s stories and feathers.

There have already been some incredible stories about the power of these feathers. It is really very exciting and awesome.

Sonia: That is great! We love hearing how an author’s idea blossoms into a full-fledged story. Let’s talk about some of the characters in Magelicas Voyage. First of all, there are some great names in this book, like Gri, Odin, and warblegrif. What was the inspiration behind these names of Magelica’s friends and creatures?

Louise: Magelicas Voyage has its roots in mythology, fairy tale and make believe.

The name Odin comes from the God Odin in Scandinavian mythology. He was recognized for his leadership, knowledge, and wisdom. When we were looking for the name of a wacky bird, the perching bird called warbler came up and one of our team members took it from there.  And Gri, is derived from grandmere which expresses the warm, motherly role that this character represents.

Sonia: One of my favorite quotes in the book is by Queen Raya: “You are what you make of yourself, child….Believe in love and trust that you will find the answers you seek.”

What compelled you to center your book around such powerful messages like believing in yourself, having faith in the unknown and in love?

magelica post

Louise: At the age of 27, I became a single mom with all the challenges that that entails. The key to passing those defining moments in my life was to believe that I could.

I think that the world is gradually shifting, and that more and more people believe that positive energy attracts positive energy, and that love is key to improving our world. I like to think that when we change the way we look at things, the things that we look at change.

These beliefs have worked for me. My goal is to help change the world one girl at a time, by helping others discover how they can work for them.

Sonia: That is incredibly inspiring Louise. I’d like to think that, too! In addition to the messages in the book, I wanted to talk about the stunning illustrations in Magelicas Voyage. They really encompass the mood of the book and transport the reader into the world of Magelica. How did you find the person/people who brought your magical world to life? What was it like working with him/her/them?

Louise: The illustrations were created to be able tell the story and transport the reader to a magical world all by themselves.

The original illustrations were hand-drawn by a wonderful woman named Eugene, who lived in a small apartment with lots of cats. She came to me via one of our team members, and had done illustrations for Disney animated movies. We had an instant connection. We worked many months on designing the look and feel of each character as well as the colors and individual personalities, which would bring the characters to life.

The final versions were adapted into digital, but the difference from other digital renderings is the depth of each drawing which has its roots in India ink, watercolor and pastel.

Sonia: Who is your favorite character in Magelicas Voyage and why?

Louise: My favorite character is most definitely Magelica, but I am in love with all of them. I guess Odin would be my second favorite because he is off the wall, and a bit wacky and frenetic!

Magelica is cool without trying to be! She has a unique look: green hair, almond skin, almond eyes, modern, yet traditional.  She is also smart, and independent, and open to learning and adventure. Yes, I believe that Magelica will help change the world one girl at a time, and that  Odin will ensure that they laugh and are happy while getting there.

Sonia: What kinds of things have you learned from seeing Magelicas Voyage evolve from a single idea into publication?

Magelica's Voyage English FB promo

Louise: I’m an idea person, and have always had the gift of combining creativity with business. I grew up in the world of package goods marketing, and learnt my craft with companies like Johnson and Johnson and Clairol.

Knowing what to do is one thing, but actually doing it is quite another!

You learn that things evolve, and that the process requires passion, determination, and lots of patience. I also learned that timing is everything and that with lots of hard work and faith, things come to fruition when the timing is right! You just need to believe!

I’m so grateful for being able to finally do it!  And so excited to take it to the next level! Magelica is all about sharing the magic, and that is what I intend to do!

Sonia: The book ends on a very intriguing cliff hanger and hints to more books. Are there more books to follow Magelicas Voyage?

Louise: I am working on two more books as we speak, and there are many voyages to come. Readers are anxious to find out what happened to Prince William, and to understand Magelica’s magical origins. More fun and adventure are on the way, and of course more important life lessons.

We are also working on various toys, clothing and other entertainment media which will help us reach a global audience. Magelica is just starting to fly and our goal is for children around the world to share the magic, wear the magic, and believe.

Sonia: What kinds of advice would you give to kids today who are interested in writing or illustrating their own book?

Louise: I have so much respect for all writers and people who publish just about anything. It is an incredible amount of work! To do it right takes passion, patience, determination, and meticulous attention to detail!

My advice is to go for it! Follow your passions and have fun doing it! And don’t worry how long it takes. Magelica took 20 years to finally get published. But timing is everything, and now is her time.

Louise 1

A marketing and advertising executive,a tireless fundraiser for many charities,a painter, gardner, and mother to two girls and two boys, Louise’s passions keep growing.
Sensing the need to do more for young children in our challenging world and inspired by life itself, Louise created Magelica, a young girl with fairy blood and her own questions about life.
Louise takes our winged heroine and her fun and wacky friends to new worlds of magic and adventure, challenging the reader to discover the magic of life and the power of love for themselves.
Many years in the making, and new stories underway, Louise and Magelica intend to spread their magical feathers to touch children and caregivers around the world. 
You can learn more about Magelica at magelica.com

Welcome to Magelica’s World



We are so looking forward to sharing Magelica’s world with you. Magelica is a beautiful new character that will amaze and entertain you with her adventures, stories and musings. She believes in the power of love and the magic of positive thinking. Magelica’s Voyage is all about imagination, fairy tales, magical feathers and wait until we tell you about her crazy wacky friends….. Magelica ROCKS!

Discover Magelica and her friends at Magelica.com. Your life may change forever! Share the magic. Wear the magic. Believe in the magic of life.

Follow: @Magelicasvoyage


Share the magic. Wear the magic. Believe in the magic of life.
Hatched from an egg the color of brilliant sapphires, Magelica and her friends take children on a fantasy-filled adventure to the Isle of Dreams, where they discover the power of imagination, believing in yourself and that love is the key to being happy.
Created by Canadian Louise Courey Nadeau, Magelica’s Voyage is a new, fun and modern
fairy tale inviting young children and their parents into a magical world of whimsical characters who inspire our heroine to search for the mystery of her beginnings.
“ Magelica’s Voyage is deeply rooted in mythology, fairy tales and fantasy. She is cool without
trying to be! Magelica has a unique look and she is open to learning and adventure. Her
independent spirit will help young girls develop their curiosity and sense of adventure,” says
Louise Courey Nadeau.
Our heroine’s name, Magelica is a perfect combination of the words magic and angelic,
symbolizing the mystery surrounding her birth, her angelic face and her beautiful wings. She is a young fairy who wants to find her parents and learn where she came from. The only
hint that exists is a silver feather found beneath the broken eggshell from which she was
hatched. Magelica’s search for her past takes her to the Isle of Dreams where she is able to
bring happiness to the turtle that is weighed down with great sadness. There she meets Queen Raya who is grateful for Magelica’s kindness and tells her all about the mystery of the feather charms; a beautiful necklace that is positively energizing. Queen Raya explains how the feathers bring positive energy to the person who wears them.
As the first book of the Magelica’s Voyage trilogy, our heroine and her friends Odin the
Warblegrif, and her pet dragon Tris invite you to discover this new, beautifully illustrated book that’s destined for the libraries of children all over the world.
Take a moment to discover this new book with your children. As the beloved Queen Raya says, “ Believe in love and trust that you will find the answers you seek.”